Geoffrey Long



Taught "Introduction to Comparative Media Studies" at Whittier College, Fall Semester

Taught "The World Wide Web" at Whittier College, Fall Semester

Became a Visiting Assistant Professor at Whittier College

Taught "Story Development for Interactive Media" as an Adjunct Professor at Woodbury University, Fall Semester

Completed my PhD in Media Arts and Practices from USC's School of Cinematic Arts in August

Attended my eighth San Diego Comic-Con in July

Taught "Introduction to Game Design" as an Adjunct Professor at Whittier College, Spring Semester

>Taught "Introduction to Game Design" as an Adjunct Professor at Whittier College, January Term

Became an Adjunct Professor at Whittier College


Wonder Buffalo nominated for an Emmy in Technical Excellence

Taught "Story Development for Interactive Media" as an Adjunct Professor at Woodbury University, Fall Semester

Became an Adjunct Professor at Woodbury University

Attended my seventh San Diego Comic-Con in July

Taught a three-day transmedia storyworld-building workshop at Danube University Krems in May

Attended the 2017 Story/Forward conference in Indonesia in May

Wonder Buffalo fully premiered at SXSW

Released The New Creators and Makers, a white paper/e-book from the Annenberg Innovation Lab

Wonder Buffalo previewed at the Sundance New Frontiers festival

Advised Wonder Buffalo, a transmedia video-plus-VR piece from USC's World Building Media Lab and Entertainment Technology Center


Debuted Spookshow at the USC Media Arts and Practice "Pata | Meta | Beta Cartographies" gallery show in December

Co-hosted the Frontera: Women of the Wall bi-national event in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico with the World Building Media Lab and Pigeon Hole Productions in October

Spoke on a panel on the Future of the Franchise at Digital Hollywood in October

Presented with Flint Dille at IndieCade in October

Guest lectured in Kiki Benzon's transmedia course at USC in August

Attended VRLA in July

Attended my sixth San Diego Comic-Con in July

Co-authored the chapter "A Thousand Stories in a Day: Building Rilao and Reimagining Lagos" with Laura Cechanowicz, Brian Cantrell, Alex McDowell, Jeff Watson, and Ann Pendleton-Jullian for Mark J. P. Wolf's Revisiting Imaginary Worlds: A Subcreation Studies Anthology (Routledge, 2017)

Authored the chapter "Creating Worlds in Which to Play: Using Transmedia Aesthetics to Grow Stories into Storyworlds" for The Rise of Transtexts: Challenges and Opportunities from Routledge, co-edited by Benjamin W.L. Derhy Kurtz and Melanie Bourdaa (Routledge, 2016)

Had worldbuilding work included in an exhibit at the 2016 Venice Biennale in May

Guest lectured for Old Dominion University in April

Hosted a two-day workshop on transmedia storyworld development in Luxembourg in April

Hosted a two-day workshop on transmedia storyworld development at the Semaine Digitale Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France in April

Guest lectured for Carnegie Mellon University in March

Became the Creative Director for the World Building Media Lab at the University of Southern California in January

Guest lectured in Peggy Weil's Worldbuilding seminar at USC in January


Debuted A House Out of Time at the USC Media Arts and Practice Against Method gallery show in December

Guest lectured in Alex McDowell's Worldbuilding course at USC in October

Presented on the Edison Project and hosted a nano-Think & Do on the future of advertising at Havas' NextGen Summit in NYC in October

Attended the first Sandbox Summit West conference in LA in October

Attended The Future of Storytelling (FoST) Summmit in NYC in October

Co-organized the New Creators & Makers Think & Do for the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab in Chattanooga, Tennessee in September

Began the Media Arts and Practice PhD program at USC's School of Cinematic Arts

Became Creative Director of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab in July

Attended my fifth San Diego Comic-Con in July

Hosted the "Storytelling with the Internet of Things" workshop with ioTheatre at the Annenberg Innovation Lab in June

Presented a three-day workshop on transmedia storytelling at Danube University Krems in May

Was a keynote speaker at the Media Mutations 7 conference in Bologna, Italy in May

Co-ran the "Cyberpunk 2.0: Worldbuilding and Storytelling" workshop at the Cyberpunk: Past and Future USC Visions & Voices event with Jeff Watson in April

Hosted a panel on "Hollywood Does Cutting Edge" at Digital Hollywood in April

Presented a panel on "Storytelling with The New Screens" with Alisa Katz and Francesca Marie Smith at SXSW in March

Attended the E2 Conference at USC in February

Guest-lectured on transmedia storytelling and branding in Henry Jenkins and Burghardt Tenderich's Transmedia Branding course at USC in February

Guest-lectured on transmedia storytelling for Lipscomb University in January

Participated in the "Innovations in Storytelling & Media" panel for the Second Screen Summit at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January

Co-taught a course on Leveraging Engagement (using big data and other new approaches to better understand fan motivations and behaviors) for the Annenberg Innovation Lab with Erin Reilly

Co-taught the Annenberg Innovation Lab's 2015 CRUNCH Student Design Challenge (an intense crash course in entrepreneurialism) with Erin Reilly, Francesca Marie Smith and Ian Donahue


Guest lectured in Jeff Watson's Survey of Interactive Media course, USC School of Cinematic Arts – Interactive Media and Games, on Nov. 17, 2014

Guest lectured on Design Thinking in Susan Resnick West's Change Management course, Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism, on Nov. 11, 2014

Led a worldbuilding team with Henry Jenkins at the 2014 Science of Fiction: The Rilao Project from the 5D Institute on October 24-26

Chaired a panel of respondents (including Daniel Burwen, Joe LeFavi and Diana Williams) at the 2014 USC Geek Speaks event, "The Future of Comics, Featuring Scott McCloud and Henry Jenkins" on October 23

Presented on two panels at the Fall 2014 Digital Hollywood conference: "USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and The Edison Project: Reimagining The Entertainment Business" and "Original Internet TV: The Cross Platform Explosion" on October 21

Appeared as a talking head in a CNBC spot on "Mind Control Video Games in 25 Years" on October 2

Cited on Boing Boing via the Yourift Podcast appearance on September 15

Appeared on the Yourift Podcast to talk about virtual reality, storytelling and journalism on September 11

Attended my fourth San Diego Comic-Con in July

Tele-presented on "Transmedia Storytelling" for Danube University Krems on June 28

Co-presented on "East Coast vs. West Coast Transmedia Storytelling" with Erin Reilly at USC on June 4 for Transmedia LA (press coverage here and here)

Attended the inaugural O'Reilly SOLID conference on the Internet of Things in May

Collaborated on Winklebeans, a tangible storytelling prototype with UNC's Alisa Katz, the Annenberg Innovation Lab's Erin Reilly and Aninoy Mahapatra, Reillyworks' Shane Reilly, and Cognito Comics' Daniel Burwen and Mitch Thompson in May

Engaged in a discussion on "futurecomics" with Joe LeFavi in Henry Jenkins' comics class at USC on April 30th

Created The Lighthouse in the Woods, a prototype ghost story for the connected home built in the Oculus Rift; debuted at the Annenberg Innovation Lab's 2014 Evening of Innovation on April 23

Co-created an augmented wearable storytelling prototype with Aninoy Mahapatra, which pushed the director's commentary video from Warner Bros.' Sherlock Holmes to Google Glass; debuted at the Annenberg Innovation Lab's 2014 Evening of Innovation on April 23

Co-created a tangible storytelling prototype with BC "Heavy" Biermann and FOX that explored how 3D printers and augmented reality might combine in storytelling experiences; debuted at the Annenberg Innovation Lab's 2014 Evening of Innovation on April 23

Contributed a cameo appearance to Transcendence: Origins by The Alchemists Transmedia Storytelling Co. in February

Lectured on "Transmedia x The New Screens" in Jon Taplin's media industries class at USC on February 10th

Presented a keynote talk on "Transmedia x the Future of Storytelling" for the Interactive Media Division's lecture series at USC in January

Consulted on transmedia branding for a world-class luxury automobile company via the Annenberg Innovation Lab in January


Co-hosted the "Re-Envisioning the Home TV Experience" Think & Do Workshop with the Annenberg Innovation Lab on Nov. 20, 2013

Presented the keynote talk titled "Transmedia Worldbuilding x The New Screens" at Nanocon 2013 in South Dakota from November 8-10

Presented on the Future of Storytelling at Kenyon College on Nov. 13

Presented with Tyler Weaver on transmedia and the future of comics at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Grand Opening Festival of Cartoon Art Nov. 14-17; my part of the talk was titled "A Future of Comics, or, Ten Years of Combining Theory and Practice to Explore Transmedia Storytelling, Affordances, and the New New Comics"

Joined the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California as the Technical Director and a Research Fellow in August

Attended my third San Diego Comic-Con, where Ryse: Sword of Damocles, the digital interactive graphic novel I transmedia designed for Microsoft Studios' Ryse debuted, in July

Moved to Los Angeles in July

Spoke at the LA Film Festival in June

Xbox One announced in May

Left Microsoft Studios in April

Served as the transmedia designer for a digital interactive graphic novel for Microsoft Studios' Ryse


Presented on a panel at Storyworld 2012 in October

Attended the 5D|Flux event The City & The Book at USC in September

Attended the MediaSystems Workshop at UCSC in August

Became a daddy in July

Attended Transmedia Hollywood 3 in April at USC; guest-moderated a panel on comics and transmedia

Had my 2010 C3 white paper, "How to Ride a Lion: A Call for a Higher Transmedia Criticism", publicly released and syndicated at Henry Jenkins' blog

Sat on a panel, "Entertainment After Transmedia," at the 2012 SXSW Conference in March in Austin, Texas

Served as an advisor for the 2012 Melting Silos project in Vancouver, Canada

Worked on yet more things at Microsoft that I can't talk about HoloLens and Quantum Break


Sat on two panels at the inaugural StoryWorld Conference in San Francisco over Halloween

Presented "From Story to Universe: 10 Best Practices for Transmedia Franchise Design" at the Game Narrative Summit at GDC Online in Austin, Texas in October

Attended my second San Diego Comic-Con in July

Presented on "Future Unconventional Narratives" at the Center for Serious Play's Futures of Unconventional Narrative Conference (Beta) at the University of Washington, Bothell in May

Had my poem "The Devil, The Moon, and the River" appear at George Dance's The Betty Blog

Spoke at the Transmedia Hollywood 2 event at USC in April

Published a book review of Jeet Heer and Kent Worcester's A Comics Studies Reader in The Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures Vol. 6 (2011)

Had my poem "The Florist" set to music by Sean Vidal at California State University, Long Beach

Co-founded the Narrative Design Team at Microsoft Game Studios, becoming Lead Narrative Producer

Published the white paper "How to Ride a Lion: A Call for a Higher Transmedia Criticism" with the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium

Continued to work on things at Microsoft that I can't talk about Xbox One, SmartGlass, teaching transmedia best practices that went on to inform projects like Halo: Forward Unto Dawn


Worked on a ton of things at Microsoft that I can't talk about

Attended my first San Diego Comic-Con in July

Attended ARGfest 2010 in July

Published a Recommendation of Zoe Keating for the Interstitial Arts Foundation in July

Left MIT to join a think tank examining the future of entertainment at Microsoft in April

Attended the Story 3.0 Conference at the MIT Media Lab in March

Attended GDC 2010 in March

Attended the 2010 Engage Expo in NYC in February


Moderated a panel conducting a case study of Purefold at the Futures of Entertainment 4 conference at MIT in November

Officially became one of the co-editors of the Playful Thinking book series with MIT Press

Got married on Halloween in Wooster, Ohio

Presented a talk on migratory character design in Henry Jenkins' transmedia storytelling class at the University of Southern California

Attended Indiecade 2009 in October

Attended Games Convention Asia in Singapore in September

Interviewed by Yumiko Sakuma for the Japanese magazine BRUTUS

Interviewed by Marcus Tavares for the Brazilian magazine Revista Ponto

Joined Mauricio Mota and Mark Warshaw of The Alchemists to speak on transmedia storytelling at Descolagem in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August

Attended Podcamp Boston 4 in August

Attended Readercon 20 in July

Presented on games and transmedia storytelling at the 2009 Games Education Summit at Carnegie-Mellon in June

Presented a three-day workshop on convergence culture at Danube University Krems in Austria in June

Co-authored a timeline of Boston area game developers and their creations for the 2009 Boston Cyberarts Festival with Josh Diaz, Philip Tan and Kent Quirk in May

Assembled and moderated a plenary panel on The Future of Publishing at the 6th Media in Transition Conference at MIT in April, which included Gavin Grant from Small Beer Press, Jennifer Jackson from the Donald Maass Literary Agency, Bob Stein from the Institute for the Future of the Book and Bob Miller from HarperStudio

Presented "Play Chapter: Video Games and Transmedia Storytelling" at the 6th Media in Transition Conference at MIT in April

Co-hosted Chris Claremont, longtime writer of Marvel's X-Men, at a Colloquium lecture for the MIT Comparative Media Studies program at MIT in April

Had "From Horrorism to Terrorism: the New Weird, the New Horror and the War on Terror" accepted to the 2009 American Comparative Literature Association conference at Harvard in March

Attended the 2009 Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco in March

Presented on transmedia storytelling and reduced figuration as an invited speaker at the 3rd Pictoplasma Conference in Berlin, Germany in March

Published "An Interview with Paul Marino" in The Journal for Transformative Works and Cultures

Joined the Executive Board for the Interstitial Arts Foundation in January

Co-presented the game adaptation workshop at MIT with Matthew Weise in January


Traveled to Singapore for SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 in December

Completed a first draft of Children of Winter, Children of Wolves, a sequel to Bones of the Angel, to win NaNoWriMo 2008

Interviewed by the New York Daily News on The Q factor: How the science behind James Bond's gadgets was reinvented

Published "Motion Comics: A State of the Art" in the scholarly comics journal Guttergeek

Served as the emcee for the multimedia arts event ABSINTHE

Created a 2-page introduction comic for Firehose Games

Became a section editor and proofreader for Eludamos, the Journal for Computer Game Culture

Joined the Working Group and Web Committee for the Interstitial Arts Foundation

Co-presented the game adaptation workshop at Worcester Polytechnic Institute with Matthew Weise

Co-presented the game adaptation workshop in the Video Game Theory course at MIT with Matthew Weise

Co-presented the game adaptation workshop at the first Boston Gameloop Conference with Matthew Weise

Co-presented a workshop on games and adaptations at the Austin Game Developers Conference with Matthew Weise

Presented a workshop on transmedia storytelling and demoed the GAMBIT Summer 2008 games at the ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Conference in Los Angeles

Presented a paper on toys and transmedia narratives at the 5th ITRA World Congress in Nafplion, Greece

Interviewed by the State Department's on portable video

Interviewed by CNN on online television (article; full transcript)

Emceed and co-organized the inaugural Julius Schwartz Lecture at MIT, featuring Neil Gaiman

Lectured on toys and stories in the MIT Toy Design course (2.00b)

Lectured on interactive narratives in the MIT Product Design course (2.744)

Attended WorldCon 2008 in San Francisco

Attended the 2008 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco

Served as a judge at the 2008 Sony Game Workshop at MIT

Lectured on transmedia storytelling at the 2008 Sony Game Workshop at MIT


Launched an irregular column, "Divergences", in the MIT C3 Weekly Update

Designed a new identity for the MIT New Media Literacies Project

Turned 30

Presented on transmedia storytelling and user-generated content at the FuturePlay 2007 Conference in Toronto, Canada

Attended the 2007 Festival of Cartoon Art at Ohio State University

Helped teach the Fall 2007 Interactive Narrative course at MIT

Attended the 2007 Game Developers' Conference in Austin, Texas

Became Communications Director for the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Completed my Master's of Science in Comparative Media Studies at MIT

Completed my Master's thesis, Transmedia Storytelling: Business, Aesthetics and Production at the Jim Henson Company

Presented a paper, Radial Narrative Maps and Mike Mignola's Hellboy, at MIT5

Designed a new logo and website for LIT@MIT, the MIT Literature Section

Guest-lectured Barry Kudrowitz's Toy Design Workshop, talking about toys and transmedia narratives

Guest-lectured Henry Jenkins' CMS.400 Media Systems and Texts course, speaking about transmedia storytelling

Redesigned Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins

Created the identity design for Blue Compass Executive Consulting (logo, business cards, letterhead, website)

Presented a paper, "Transmedia Storytelling at the Jim Henson Company," at the SCMS Conference

Paid a consulting visit to MTV in New York

Made a game, Conflict Diamond, with Dan Roy for the Winter 2007 Boston Game Jam

Published a short piece, "Winning the Console Wars with User-Generated Content", in the MIT C3 Weekly Update


Survived my third semester at MIT

Published Moving Stories, a white paper on storytelling in mobile media, through C3

Designed the poster, website and other ancillary materials for the C3 2006 Futures of Entertainment Conference

Presented my thoughts on transmedia storytelling as part of a panel discussion at the Sandbox Symposium, part of SIGGRAPH 2006

Designed website and other materials for Project Good Luck

Traveled to China for a 10-day research trip (5 days in Beijing, 5 days in Shanghai)

Finished my first full novel, Bones of the Angel

Survived my second semester at MIT

Served as the teaching assistant for Henry Jenkins' Media Systems and Texts course on magic and violence

Went on consulting visits to Turner Broadcasting, the Cartoon Network, Fidelity Investments and Nickelodeon through C3

Led a team in the production of a video game pitch project, Goldworld, for a game development class taught by Bethesda Softworks founder Chris Weaver

Did design work for and assisted in the planning of the first annual C3 Convergence conference

Produced 30, a thirty-poems-in-thirty-days experiment for National Poetry Month

Created the first several chapters of an interative narrative experiment, Ghost Train

Co-wrote a collaborative story experiment, The Curtain, for an interactive and non-linear storytelling class; project included the website and a theme song

Designed, produced and built the new CMS website at

Screened The Big Lie That Solves Everything and Screening Process at the CMS Media Spectacle at MIT

Spent Spring Break traveling around Japan

Attended the 2006 SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas

Spearheaded a team in the 2006 Sony Game Workshop at MIT


Survived my first semester at MIT

Co-created Zoom City, a web-enabled racing toy for boys 5-7 incorporating global social software, transmedia storytelling and individual customization as the final project for a Creative Industries class co-taught by Henry Jenkins and Brenda Laurel

Began production on my first-ever video game as a project for my Workshop class

Visited Portland, Maine on a family weekend retreat

Attended the first-ever Game Writer's Conference in Austin, Texas

Began work as a media analyst in transmedia storytelling for the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium (C3)

Created an animated proof-of-concept for a Bones of the Angel feature

Designed and produced a marketing kit for Thadeus Project, including the album design for their EP Just a Taste

Began classes at MIT

Moved to Somerville, Massachusetts (just outside of Cambridge)

Produced The Big Lie That Solves Everything, my third short film with Tohubohu Productions

Built a website for Levin Ginsburg Attorneys with Extreme Marketing and Sitelis Design

Designed, produced and built for Rob Warner Photography

Accepted into the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT

Created a trifold brochure for

Created a DVD-opening animation for Thadeus Project

Designed, developed and launched for an art rock band

Created a site for HOTCHOCOLATE, a chocolatier in Chicago

Launched the full version of for Renaissance Health in Boston

Created websites for George Wyhinny, Allyson Voller, and Patrick Edwards

Designed the logo for the Transterpreter, a code-language translation program


Screening Process: A Loser's Guide to Love wins Best Romance in the 2004 National Film Challenge

Developed, designed and launched web presences for Jim Robesky, Eileen Kugman, Ben Williams, Lucia Spina, and Chad V. Holtkamp

Designed and developed the website for Andy Rozsa, a trombonist with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

Produced Screening Process: A Loser's Guide to Love, a short film with Tohubohu Productions

Developed, designed and launched web presences for Steve Crocker, Terry Murray, Barbara Marden, Matt Welton, John Bradecich, Kate Johnson, Mike Dillenburg and Stephen Marshal Jones

Designed and developed the "full version" of in conjunction with AvidWeb Technologies

Became a founding member of Untyped, a small collective of digital innovators and artists from both sides of the Atlantic; designed their look and feel, including nine hand-drawn+photography illustrations

Redesigned, developed and launched new websites for The PinDrop Audiobook Theatre Company, Big House Audio and Casting, and Sound Advice

Developed, designed and launched web presences for Jill Tondu, Jeff Heytow, Len Chetkin, Frances Miller, Brooks Ralston and Dan Lougheed

Composed three new songs – "January Visiting", "God and Ducks" and "Secretly" – and added them to Music

Packed up shop and moved to Chicago, Illinois

Produced The Schlimmer, a short film with Tohubohu Productions

Developed, designed and launched web presences for Stephanie Aaron, Barbara Figgins, and Rob Lamont

Developed, designed and launched for Kevin Smokler's Virtual Book Tours

Developed web presences for Marc Cetrone, Kimberley Reid and Shelly Stone

Developed, designed and launched for Jim Frazier, a Chicago-based audio engineer

Developed, designed and launched an interim minisite for MedHire, a health care staffing company

Redesigned and relaunched, with extensive additions to the portfolio

Produced a four-color brochure for The Congressional Quarterly, a magazine in Washington, D.C.

Developed, designed and launched for Gaston Lighthouse, LLC, an inventions and consulting company

Developed, designed and launched the online presence for CollaborationTown, a New York City-based theatre troupe

Developed, designed and launched for Arbor Place, an Alzheimer's care facility

Served as the Online Production Editor for – a position which included layout, design, coding, strategy advising and content editing

Developed web presences for Joe Gerace, Kate McClanaghan, Kourtney Vahle, Ole Riise, Gavin Johnson, Julia Merchant and Jim Marco


Developed, designed and launched for BroadReach Healthcare, LLC

Designed and launched for Kate Erin Photography

Developed web presences for Phil O'Brien, Bob Caldwell, Lynne Magnavite, Kat Voboril, Elaine Danner, Drew Jenkins, Terry Beauchamp and Lonnie Rodriguez

Organized and emceed Fray Day 7 DC, an evening of personal storytelling

Made multiple trips to New York City for vacations and social calls

Designed presentation materials and product prototypes for Gaston Lighthouse

Participated as a host site for the first two Virtual Book Tours

Developed, designed and launched for The Black Sea Trading Company

Designed investor presentation package for Renaissance Health

Launched Summer edition of Inkblots Magazine

Travelled to Chicago, Illinois on a summer vacation

Developed web presence for Timothy Norton and Maryll Botula



Attended my second SXSW conference

Designed and built

Published a short story, "The Indian Princess," in {fray}

Designed Jami Attenberg's Deli Life for So New Media

Launched Spring edition of Inkblots Magazine

Launched for Kieth K. Annis Photography


Moved to Bethesda, Maryland

Started work in earnest on a new novel, Bones of the Angel

Left the Advisory Board Company for self-employment as The Dreamsbay Company

Travelled to Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon for a summer vacation

Attended my first SXSW in Austin, Texas

Acquired, and

Purchased a server and rack space, began hosting websites


Designed and built for the Voice Disorders Center at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, a Harvard University teaching hospital

Designed and built

Designed and built

Designed and built

Spent several months on two big, huge internal website/software projects

Promoted to Web Producer at The Advisory Board Company

Published Spring, Summer and Fall editions of Inkblots

Took a weekend trip to New York City


Designed and built

Promoted to Web Designer at The Advisory Board Company

Moved to Alexandria, Virginia

Designed and built the website for The Milwaukee Theatre Collective

Designed and built

Designed and built my first portfolio site, launched at

Designed and built first version of

Made multiple trips to Boston, Massachusetts


Went to work for The Advisory Board Company as a Designer

Began keeping a weblog

Moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland

Graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in English and Philosophy, cum laude

Created a QuickTime VR "virtual coffeeshop" for Endstop Magazine

Wrote a completely original paper on the Philosophy of Fiction to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy

Wrote a mixed-media experiment called Small States to earn my Creative Writing concentration and my Degree in English


Went to the 6th Digital Storytelling Festival and hung out in Crested Butte, Colorado with Dad

Did poster and program design for the Kenyon College Stage Femmes

Designed and built

Returned to the United States

Visited Venice, Rome, and Paris with Jordan Moore

Visited Paris, Edinburgh and London with parents

Visited London and Oxford with Nick Bastin and Lisa Kennedy

Published the first online edition of Inkblots


Hung out in London and Oxford

Enrolled at the University of Exeter in England for my junior year abroad

Drove from Los Angeles to Seattle and back for a summer vacation with Aurelia Flaming

Went back to New York City on vacation with Aurelia Flaming

Drove from Gambier, Ohio to Windsor, Ontario by way of Cleveland and Detroit with Aurelia Flaming, Becca Delahanty, Chrissy Steffen, Heather Ronis, Ian Millhiser, and Nick Ferraro for Spring Break


Travelled from Ohio to Seattle and back by way of Glacier National Park as a summer trip

Started work on Dreamrunners with Devin Bowles, George Faerber and SarahScott Brett for a "Biology in Science Fiction" class at Kenyon College

Drove from Ohio to West Virginia with Mark Wilson for Spring Break


Enrolled at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio

Went to Chicago on vacation with my folks, Jessica Avellone, Nick Bastin and Audra Abt

Graduated from Triway High School in Wooster, Ohio

Played Perchik in Fiddler on the Roof

Published Inkblots 4/5


Played "the boy" in The Fantasticks

Played Mortimer in Arsenic and Old Lace

Went to New York City on vacation – twice

Went to Boston on college visits

Served as co-editor of the Titan Times, our high school newsletter

Inkblots 1, 2 and 3 published


Began preliminary founding work on Inkblots

Played Carnes in Oklahoma!

Drove from Ohio to California and back for a summer vacation


Grew up


Born in Wooster, Ohio